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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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p force injuries and smoke inhalation while joyce sheridan's cause of death it was a stab wound to her chest. that punctured her aorta a. as for a motive for all this, another lingering question here prosecutors say that john sheridan was distraught about work in the days leading up to his death. now you may know that this couple had four children grown children, they have long disputed the idea that this may have been a murder/suicide and they are not happy once again with the the report that came from the prosecutor's today. they say there is key evidence that is missing and they are basically questioning over all the integrity of this investigation. let's show you a statement they released to day. they called this, nothing more than an expedient way for prosecutor's office to close its file and put an end to an embarrassing bugling of this murder investigation in the hope that our family, the citizens of somerset county and the press, will stop inquiring about what actually happened. for that the the the statement from the four sons, of the sheridan's clearly they don't
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believe this was a murder suicide. they believe their parents were murdered by a third party. the thinks the report today released from the somerset county prosecutor's office and the prosecutor takes exception with the the son's exception. right here in the second paragraph saying that this was a very lengthy, and comprehensive investigation, so clearly they are defending the quality of their work. we have much more information on this story, including this report, we have posted it for you on line you can find that and much more on cbs let's go back to jessica now, jessica. more breaking news a body reportedly found floating in the schuylkill river. chopper three over the the scene of kelly drive and south ferry row road in east falls. crews are work ago this scene and we are working to get you more information. we will bring you any new developments as we get them. we have new developments tonight the in the the brutal attack of a young woman walking home from the gym in port richmond. tonight we are learning that young woman's cell phone conversation with the friend may have saved her life.
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the violent assault happened last night along the 3900 block of richmond street. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us live from the special victims unit in kensington with more, matt. >> reporter: jessica, police tell us they were able to apprehend the 14 year-old and 16 year-old suspect in this case relatively quickly after the attack occurred. the sources tell "eyewitness news" that were this pair not stopped when they were, the sit the ways could have been far worse. the 19 year-old victim had just left the gym walking home around 11:00 o'clock thursday night along the 3900 block of richmond avenue. that is when police say the the two suspects a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old both males jumped would the man. they brought the a gun to her head and forced her underneath a nearby trailer where she was assaulted and raped. >> it is usually safe this this neighborhood. that makes me feel uneasy. >> reporter: woman had been talking on her cell phone when the suspect attack. the person on the other line called the victim's family who
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went outlooking for her. they found her shortly after the attack, two suspects holding her at gunpoint walk something where else. young men scattered and they were arrested shortly after identified by their victim. >> where are the parents? it was 11:00 o'clock at night. >> they are in the doing their job right. fourteen year-old, 16 year-old. >> reporter: we found 16 year-old mom and asked her about the the son's alleged ago. she said he didn't know where he was last night but wasn't convinced he did anything wrong. >> do you have anything to say to the rick tim's family. >> well, i do apologize for his behavior, if indeed he is, you know, involved with the situation. >> reporter: no one answered at address listed for the the the 14 year-old suspect . >> police tell us that this attack was random and brutal and also say that at least one of these suspects will likely be charged as an adult in this case. we're live outside the the special victims unit matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> matt, thanks very much. there is new details surfacing about the co pilot now accused of deliberate thely flying a germanwings plane in the french alps. investigators have evidence that andre a lubitz hid medical problems from his employer. cbs the news reporter chris van cleve has more from the french alps. >> reporter: is there growing evidence that andreas lubitz hid his medically problem. investigators discovered a turn doctor's note excusing him from work the day authorities say, that he intentionally crashed a jet line inner to the french alps. a local hospital, confirms lubitz visited in february and march for a diagnostic investigation. but the the hospital will not say what was wrong. aviation experts say pilots are required to tell their boss fess they are having problems, but if they don't, the the airlines cannot access their medical record. >> the debate of how far can doctors share information with employers, that is something which i think the medical
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community is really struggling with right now. >> reporter: recovery teams are scouring at debris field 10-acre wide on the rugged mountain side. they are using red flags to mark human remains. father of 13 americans killed is offering condolences to the co pilot's family. >> i don't feel anger. i am really sad for the parents of that young pie the lot. i mean i can't imagine what they are going through right now. >> reporter: many families are trying to get as close to the crash site as possible some are leaving flowers at a memorial stone that is engraved in french, german and spanish. chris van cleve, cbs news, in france. well, we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest on this plane crash in the french alps and investigation in the aftermath. when we're in the on tv find details anytime at cbs our warm spring-like temperatures are gone now replaced by a cold wind and
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our weather business to take another wintry turn. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with what we can expect heading in the weekend kate. >> jessica, the good news if there is good news even though it is chilly sun has returned. the it was a very gray dreary start. we have showers down the shore but right now sunnies out and peeking through the clouds at times here in philadelphia it is dry but it is chilly and getting even colder. the lets look at storm scan three and you can see what i'm talking about. we have that green along the coast mainly light showers from portions of ocean county long beach island down atlantic city and cape may. notice breaks back to the west as this system finally exits. as it moves off the coast we have to watch wrap around snow flakes and you can see lake effect snow flakes across western new york state into northern western pennsylvania. we may get a stray flurry or sprinkle outside. that will be the the extent of it. temperatures 47 at the airport. forty-eight in wilmington. we are 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year but colder to the the north and
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west. thirty's in state college. twenty's in buffalo. that cold is heading our way as we start off the weekend. we will have your winter like start to the forecast plus a warm up in the seven day when i join you inside. back to you good we will see you then thanks very much. frightening journey for a four year-old who walk out of her home in the middle of the night the but this story fortunately has a happy ending thanks to a septa driver being called a hero. that child was found loan at torresdale and magee the in the philadelphia's tacony neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter picks up the store friday there. >> reporter: chris, septa bus driver the the hero is harlen jennifer, who spent 16 years with septa a and driving driving route 56 route overnight. he saw a little girl in the cold and darkness rain soak. he sheltered her. her family is giving him credit for saving her life. when doors to the route 56 septa bus opened, just before 3:00 a.m., out of the rainy darkness walked four year-old
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anabell richway, the the driver hardly able to believe what he was seeing. >> i was like you got to be kidding me, not this time of the night. >> reporter: as jennifer a father of three including two shelters shelter anabell calling for help the the four year-old explored the bus telling passengers that he was on her way to a local wawa to buy what she called a slushy. >> all i want is a slushy. that is all she said. >> reporter: prior to boarding the bus, anabell dressed herself warmly slipping out of the back door and walking several blocks in the rain even crossing busy torresdale avenue. >> crossing over torresdale in this day and age, someone could have pick her up. >> reporter: within minute police arrived and she was quickly reunited with mom and dad. >> i'm just so grateful to have her home and safe. >> reporter: after a little sleep anabell was back smiling explaining she had been headed to her local favorite store for a treat. >> where were you going. >> the wawa.
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>> relieved parents grateful that a caring septa driver was there, making sure that her scary trip had a happy ending. >> i can't thank him enough. i wish i could see him right now. there is no way to thank him. he saved my daughter's life. >> reporter: between hugs and kisses, the parents of anabell says this is first and promise last time she is ever slipping out of the house. they are installing new locks. they promised they would go for that slushy but this time they would go together. live from tacony i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, walt. two people are still unaccounted for 24 hours after a violent gas explosion rocked new york's east village. that blast brought down part of the building and injured 19, four of them critically. cbs news correspondent brian web shows us what is happening at that keen today. >> reporter: fire crews are keeping steady stream of water on three collapsed building in
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new york's east village. crews are working to demolish five story structures after a powerful explosion thursday afternoon. >> i have eaten at that restaurant many times and i go in there for lunch. it could have been me. >> reporter: witnesses rush to help victims lying in the street evening 19 people injured, several critically. two people are unaccounted for. about 50 fire fighters remain on the scene today. it took about 200 to get the blaze under control on thursday. utility company officials say that the building where the explosion happened was getting a gas services upgrade but investigators discover faulty work about an hour before the blast. >> at that point that they knew things weren't right they should have just got people out of there as soon as possible. >> reporter: new york's marries on the scene to tour the site today. in new york brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". actress dray dematteo known for rolls on soprano's and sons of anarchy is among those who lost their home in
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the fire. a teenager is question after his mother was stab and his grandmother was critically wounded. it happened just after 6:00 this morning in the 2800 block of reynolds street in brideberg. police say that the 18 year-old son who was also hurt initially told investigators the stabbings were as a result of the home invasion. neighbors tell "eyewitness news" that the household was trouble. >> at this point i had company over and we heard them saying please leave me alone, don't do this, let it go. this morning this is what happened. >> the 74 year-old grandmother remains hospitalized in critical condition tonight. there have been no charges filed but that investigation, continues. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" an elderly man attack, punched in the face while walking to catch a train. we will hear from woman who found them and called for help. the rare kidney transplant chain that involves 12 people how six patients and six
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donors got involved in a life saving surgery. historic launch to the international space station american scott kelly will be the the first u.s. astronaut to spend a whole year in space on a single mission. we have got that story next.
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lift off year in space starts right snow. >> ate off for historic mission to space and american astronaut and russian cosmonaut leaves earl. they will spend an entire year on the international space station. astronaut is scott well i brother-in-law have of former
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arizona congress woman gabby giffords. >> what a voyage this will be for him. cbs news reporter wendy gilette says kelly and others will conduct hundreds of experiments while in air bit. >> lift off. >> reporter: american astronaut scott kelly blasted off from russia early saturday local time. his fourth trip into space. >> this time i get the sense that i'm going somewhere and i'm really not coming back for a really long time kind of like i'm moving there. >> earlier kelly and two joining him said emotional good byes as their bus headed for launch pad. kelly, and miguel and their veteran commander, are making their marathon journey. they say political issues between russia and u.s. are left back on earth. >> i have never once had any kind of real conflict with any of my fellow crew members. they have all been great. >> reporter: fourteen member revolving crew will conduct 400 scientific experiment, one
5:16 pm
involving daily medical tests on kelly in orbit with similar tests on his twin brother retired astronaut mark kelly back here on earth. year long trip ahead doubles scott kelly's last stint in space. >> i hope, you know, i get six months into this and i have you know, six months of energy left in the battery to get to the even. i think i will. >> scientists hope this trip paves the way for future space travel including extended trips to mars. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're dealing with some delays on the schuylkill expressway, we have come to expect so far, out around belmont approaching an accident scene in the westbound lanes. we don't have a camera there but you can see the the delay heading up into that scene. the accident is push over into the left-hand lane. that is what is crawling on by that for right now. over on i-95 around highland avenue we have an accident with police activity that cleared out of the way.
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you can see small residual delays there northbound toward commodore barry bridge and kelly drive on the i am bound i am bound lanes passed berry road there is police activity on the scene and police investigation as well. we will update you on. that on roosevelt boulevard we have an accident out bound right around f street, and for the rest of our majors and we're not even there yet we will start off in new jersey on route 70 around lexington avenue is there an accident in the the left-hand lane right in cherry hill. new we will check on our majors on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound a little slow problems on the blue route and 422 very the at vare very heavy. >> jessica, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 secret the to a longer life it could be in your breakfast serial. >> supermarkets smarts why buying in bulk isn't always better consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to save money at the the grocery store this weekend. >> if you liked basketball thinks your night we're talking march madness plus temple still alive in the nit.
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kate is joining with us a little sunshine out there. >> it looks good this morning almost looked like london, heavy cloud cover and soggy and dreary. it is better but still cold.
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we should be in the upper 50's. we are only in the upper 40's but sunnies shining. that will be the case through weekend. temperatures below average but we are looking at generally sunny days ahead. lets look at the what we are dealing without side. i want to also bring your attention across bottom of the screen observation from his our wonderful weather watchers. they are scrolling across the bottom. really look for your neighborhood because depending where you are you could be experiencing lots of different weather outside. lets go out to citizens bank park, this is our camera awaiting opening day, not very far off, a week from monday we can see blue skies and thick cloud cover out there right new but not looking as dreary as it did earlier this afternoon. taking you out to storm scan three you can still see some showers along the shoreline. our weather watchers in brigantine margate, they are reporting some showers, fog, low cloud. we are seeing sunshine west of the city but i want you to notice we have some flurries and snow flakes north and west, far north and west, northwestern pennsylvania pennsylvania, up through lake effect sections of new york
5:22 pm
state where we are seeing snow near buffalo at the moment. a few flurries may try to drift our way during the day thomas cold air comes down. don't be shock if you see flakes flying tomorrow. that is the extent of it. i do want to show you temperatures, 57 is our normal high for this time of the year. we are only at 47. bundle up out tonight. forty-eight on wilmington. forty-five millville. forty-one wildwood. forty-three in atlantic city. cold air hanging on along the coast. march has been chilly. temperatures 4 degrees below average have the we are above average on precipitation because our two biggest snowstorms happened here in the month of march. 5.23 inches, that is more than 2-inch's above where we should be. our high temperature 68 degrees, low temperature is 11 degrees. don't think we will be seeing anymore 11's anytime soon but it is a taste have of winter with your saturday with highs in the 40's. maybe a flurry. sunday we're cold site of the high. then on monday it the gets closer to normal with a chance for an isolated shower.
5:23 pm
tomorrow briefly we can see polka dot flurries. watch what they look like in the afternoon. you can see cold air, the the clouds there and then these little showers and flower that is may pop up here and there maybe a flurry down the shore overnight and then unday we will clear it the out. we have clear skies and much better conditions. overnight mostly cloud which a chilly breeze. we are down to 32. right around freezing for your overnight low. cloud give way to partly sunny conditions. chilly afternoon with 42 degrees and cannot rule out stray flurry or sprinkle in the afternoon hours. not much but you may see a few flakes. that is what the it is. you're witness weather three day forecast sun with flurries possible. sunday 47 and mostly sunny. on monday, sunny, breezy and back to normal. st
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friday night basketball
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sixers hosting chris paul and clippers tonight at 7:00 o'clock tip off at the center. the sweet continue continues on the cbs, first up ucla ape gonzaga at 7:15. then utah against duke at 9:45. the both games right here on cbs-3. bad night to be a mountaineer, kentucky beat west virginia last night 78-39. if you are keeping track that is 37 wins and zero losses for wildcats. there is a good chaps one of those guys will be playing for the sixers next year. phillies got rained out today but in the before yankees scored ten runs. rough outing for jake diekman he enter in the fifth, gave up seven runs and called it the worst outing in the history of the world. yankees ten, phillies zero game called after six innings. great story, legendary north carolina coach dean smith, he is looking after his players, even after his death. in his will, smith left $200
5:27 pm
for every letter winner played for him. they received a letter with a message that said, quote enjoy a dinner out, compliments of coach smith. >> that is a really wonderful thing to do. >> michael jordan gets a $200 check. >> we talk about this last night, would you frame the check. >> i wouldn't cash it, frame it, put it somewhere and just remember coach that way, yeah. >> very special. >> very nice. >> cool beasley, thanks very much. count down to the royal baby, coming up how duchess of cambridge is fulfilling her final prebaby duties. new at the 5:30 a special day for son of the fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson. we will hear from that young man for the first time since his father's death. plus a brutal attack on a eight three-year old man, police say he was punched in the face and robbed just steps from his home. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight six flags great adventure is making way for a 90-acre attraction but it has nothing to do with amusement
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ride, we will tell you about it tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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i'm chris may. "eyewitness news" follows breaking knew. late today somerset county prosecutors ruled the death of cooper ceo john sheridan and his wife a murder suicide. they say that sheridan killed his wife, joy, before setting their home on fire on
5:31 pm
september 28th. he then, stabbed himself but also died from smoke inhalation. family members, four sons of that couple dispute the findings. well, sources tell "eyewitness news" tonight that a relativity of young woman raped and robbed in port richmond last night helped scare away her attackers. the the victim was on hen cell phone walking home from the gym. a person on the other line called the the victim's family who then went looking for her. tonight, two boys just 14 and 16, are charged in the a attack. new developments in the the deadly germanwings plane crash, there is growing evidence the that the co pilot, andreas lubitz who authorities say deliberately crashed the plane hid a illness and his medical treatment from the airline. kate? >> thanks, chris. good evening. the it is friday, which is something to celebrate in and of itself but coming up we will talk about the chance for winter-like start to the weekend with flurries lying perhaps on your saturday. we have a sunny sunday coming up and it does get milder
5:32 pm
next week by milder i just mean back to normal but that will feel better than below average. i'll have the seven day in a few minutes, jessica. >> thank you. charges have been filed against one of two suspects in custody for the beating of an elderly man in voorhees. the the the suspect now faces, facing charges has been identified as 27 year-old steven miller of camden. that attack happened in a neighborhood near the patco station and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the store friday camden county. >> horrible, for heel, horrible. no respect. it is just horrible. >> reporter: karen alexander moved into her apartment off of preston avenue just one month ago. this wasn't the welcome that she wanted. >> i thought it was coming from up stairs. then my first instinct was seek care and be a neighbor he is on the ground report rorrer alexander ran out and found her elderly next door neighbor
5:33 pm
lying on the sidewalk. >> he was bloody. but he was very bloody. >> reporter: police say around 5:00 p.m. thursday an eight three-year old resident who was walking back to the robin hill complex was beaten and then by two men before being robbed by his belongings all just feet from his doorstep. >> i seen the picture of him. they are huge compared to him. >> reporter: this neighbor told us that the friendly man he knew didn't even own a car. despite using a cain, he walk every where, including the ashland patco station where these two men were captured on surveillance moments after the crime using the victim's credit cards. >> all they had to do was maybe ask and he would give to it him. >> reporter: these people are in police cud i for a crime that neighbors say didn't to have happen. >> victim was originally taken, to kennedy health in stratford but transferred to cooper for facial wound. all considering he is doing very well. the reporting from voorhees
5:34 pm
alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and two people are dead and one is injured at a west philadelphia robbery attempt leads to gunfire. all this happened, last night in the 5200 block of media. and, the gun and opened fire on his attacker. unarmed victim and one of the alleged attackers died in the gunfire. police say the second attacker remains in stable condition. two men were caught on camera robbing the family dollar at gunpoint last night in vineland, new jersey. police say the men walk in the store on main road at 9:45 last night just like this. one of them pointed the gun at the cashier forcing her to leave the register. no one was hurt here but the the men did getaway with money. if you have any information on who is responsible for that robbery you are asked to call police. nevada senator and minority leader harry reid ended speculation about his 2016 plans today by announcing his retirement.
5:35 pm
reid serve as majority leader in the senate for will years until the g.o.p. gained control last november. the seven five-year old also suffered an eye injury earlier this year. in a radio interviewed reid told supporters he wants focus ton on his party winning back control of the senate and he received a call from an admirer. >> is this harry reid. >> it is. >> harry this is barack. >> i'll be damned what a guy. >> it nice pope eighth for me to soak up all those resources on me when i can devote foes resources to the caucus. >> reid and other democrats are lining up behind, new york senator chuck schumer hob the next senate minority leader. secret service has issued new guidelines on drinking and using government issued vehicles. according to this new memo secret service employees cannot drive within ten hours of having consumed alcohol. the those new rules come after agents allegedly drove drunk through a white house bomb investigation scene. violators of the new rules will face punishment up to and
5:36 pm
including the loss of their jobs. it has been three weeks since philadelphia police officer robert wilson was kill in the gun battle in a game stop store in north philadelphia. his death, left two young boys behind. well to day we are hearing from one of them as fellow boyness blood help in the family's healing process. the here's "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson. >> with his father's signature smile, ten year-old little boy spent friday opening up gifts after gifts. >> this is a lot of stuff. >> reporter: he is son of faller philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. on march 5th wilson was killed. he was taking on two armed robbers at this game stop in north philadelphia drawing fire away from patrons inside. at his funeral he was posthumously promoted to sergeant and awarded medals for honor and valor all for his actions. he was there originally buying a gift for kwmir. >> we had started off to try
5:37 pm
to do something for the family on a small scare. >> reporter: radnor police lieutenant chris flannigan says even without knowing wilson offer his family the the men and women here some 20 miles away knew they wanted to help. in the end, what started as a drive for just a few toys multiplied by it doesens. >> hopefully it keeps him busy and thinks of things and now how many people around the area think about what occurred and how sad we are for their loss. >> reporter: all to bring back that signature smile. >> i feel happy really happy. >> reporter: add a little brightness to the young life of a hero's son. >> thank you everybody. >> reporter: in the wake of sergeant wilson's death the the philadelphia police and fraternal order of police establish a go fund me page for wilson's family. in nearly 20 days, they have raised more than $30,000. reporting tonight from the satellite center i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, good evening, at 5:37. we will start off with an
5:38 pm
accident scene out on 422, approaching oaks, in the westbound lanes you can see, lanes still getting by and just some slow go by that scene but you can see police activity on the scene and they are pushed over into that right-hand shoulder. not really taking out the a lane but something to watch out for. over on spring garden right around ridge i will show you right here this is spring garden, this is 12th street this is ridge right here and you can see an accident on the scene. tow trucks waiting by, right now, in police activity on the scene yet so we are expecting clean up for this accident scene to be there quite sometime. over on the schuylkill press way in the westbound lanes right before belmont there is an accident blocking the left-hand lane and slow go by that scene as well. out in new jersey on route 70 right around lexington avenue an accident there pushed over into the shoulder. we can expect that to be gone as soon as police activity on the scene there as well. we have police activity on the scene right around the schuylkill river on kelly drive inbound, right past ferry road. for the the rest for our
5:39 pm
majors 95 is slow. twenty-nine minutes from the vine to woodhaven road. schuylkill expressway slow. little slow on the pennsylvania turnpike from veil forge into bensalem, jessica, back over to you. and as "eyewitness news" marks 50 years we're looking back at store that is impact our world. in 1979 the nation witnessed the worst commercial nuclear power accident in u.s. history. on march 28th 3-mile island located just outside harrisburg experienced a partial nuclear melt down in one of its two reactors. the the accident was blamed on a series of mechanical failures and human errors. thousands of people's vac waited in the days after that accident although no serious injuries were reported. clean up though took until the 1990's and cost almost $1 billion. still to come here on "eyewitness news" just days ago they were strangers and now they are more like family
5:40 pm
medical history is made when 12 patients take part in the six way kidney swap. smart super market shopping for buying in bull took expiration dates, three on your side jim donovan has insider secrets that can help you save money kate. the son sunnies out in spots, coming up we will talk about the weekend and perhaps a return to more seasonal temperatures by next week stay tuned we are coming right
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some medical history is made in san francisco. this week 12 patients took part in the six way kidney swap at california pacific medical center. strangers just days ago, this group is now more like a family as six recipient medicine the people who saved their lives. >> if one of the 12 patients developed a cold that could have thrown the whole thing off. >> we will have something to give and we will make a choice as to what that may be. >> he is part of our family right now. >> according to the national kidney foundation more than 100,000 people in the u.s. are a awaiting new kidneys and 12
5:44 pm
people died every day, waiting for a transplant. it is all thanks to the fiber rich whole grains. researchers from harvard studied more than 360,000 people over 14 years and found those who consumed the most whole wheat serial had a lower risk of death from diabetes cancer, and respiratory disease. the duchess of cambridge makes her last public appearance ahead of the birth of her second child who is expected next month. kate and her husband prince william visited steven lauren center in london, there they met with volunteers and staff working with disadvantage children. no word on, her exact due date though. late april they say. we will be right back.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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students are celebrating jit of reads nothing philadelphia girard college school hosted a reading marathon and one by one fourth, fifth and sixth grader read 40 short books to each other in the auditorium this morning. this tradition started in 2013
5:48 pm
with fifth graders and now all of the grade are involved. well, turning to weather now. we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers. they are always on the job, and certainly they are today. and we have been seeing more sunshine west of the city this afternoon. temperatures have climbed a bit. we are seeing one reading and 52 degrees at eileen's house in gilbertsville. fifty-two and sun. sunnies playing peak a buy making the temperature go up and down. the it feels warmer in direct sunlight this time of the year. 50 degrees as we check with kathy, in wynonna, new jersey. 50 degrees with sun. she says sunnies trying to peak out of the cloud. cloud trying to break up. they certainly are. if you head down the the shore you can see much colder down toward atlantic city, bill is reporting 41 in pleasantville. little will bit of sun perhaps? maybe not. no silver lining. he said it is mostly cloudy. south here james is in ocean city again, reporting thick cloud cover.
5:49 pm
41 degrees. he says two days like this in a row all along the shore. it hads been a glummy stretch for shore points. we will see more sunshine this weekend. the lets take you outside and out to the poconos where they are seeing a thick cloud cover as well. nothing falling from the sky at jack frost big boulder but they have snow on the slopes. may get a few snow showers or flurries tomorrow. take a look at storm scan three. you can see we are keeping showers right along the coast and streaming from south to north here. if you are in toms river down towards southern delaware we have showers. don't expect any redevelopment here over coastal virginia and maryland. more showers will stream up through shore points this evening. a few flurries could get in the poconos this evening. mess of us enjoying a wedge of dry air but some of these flurries could get in here even into philadelphia as we get in the the day tomorrow. the don't be shock to see a few flakes flying during your saturday. temperatures have been up and down. we started off on tuesday at 40 degrees. we climbed to 47 on wednesday.
5:50 pm
67 degrees on thursday. barely getting to 50. we may fall short today and tomorrow right back to the lower 40's. we hit that peak yesterday afternoon. we had three hours of spring in the afternoon before thunderstorms came back in the evening. taking you through next few days we can see couple showers get nothing a sprinkle will or flurry here tomorrow afternoon. not a big deal. few flakes down the shore as this system redevelops overnight tomorrow night. sunday high pressure in control and complete day of sunshine blue skies across the board, even eye that. still chilly though. we will watch at approach of the next front. it will be generally dry but a couple scattered showers could pop up on monday afternoon just a chance for a shower or two. but story is weekend, the the the cold comes back in and some spots could be 15 to 20 degrees below the ease nal average for this time of the year. that hold true for philadelphia down into portion s of the deep south. overnight mostly cloudy 32 degrees. tomorrow 42. normal high 57. we are 15 degrees below normal
5:51 pm
in philadelphia chilly afternoon with that stray flurry. you're witness weather seven day forecast, better sunday, 10 degrees below average. we will get back to seasonal. shower late monday. another one tuesday night. better chance for wet weather late next week. we will send it back to you at the desk. well, it is a spring cleaning of your pant try results in lots of food going to ways you may want to be smarter about how to restock. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice for your next trip to the super market. >> reporter: average american family can spend as much as $1,300 at the grocery store each month, buying in bulk can save money but buying too much can be a waste of food and money. shop smart magazine says that sales on many products come in 12 week cycles. so when you spot a good deal buy enough to last at least three months. items on the the grocery shelves shop smart says consider buying more. for example sealed cereals and
5:52 pm
granola bars can keep 11 year. at this tail even of the cold weather months you may find soups on the sale certain soups cannulas five years as long as the cans stay intact. the as weather heat up you'll fine deeper discounts on mayo ketchup and salad dressing around holidays that involve barbecues like memorial day and fourth of july. these will last six months when unopened. now while you cannot really stock up on fresh produce same way you can stock up on things in bottles, cans and boxes buy only what is in season otherwise you are paying top dollar. >> a lot of times is what in season is fresher and better. >> i cannot see you in the super mark. >> i love buying in bulk the bigger, the the better. >> walking around like this. >> cut down on trips. >> 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. >> have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> still ahead, a behind the scenes look at is what new in theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up
5:53 pm
jim parsons and rihanna lead a animated cast in home and will
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we have breaking news italy's highest court overturn amanda knox murder conviction knox and her boyfriend were found guilty for the 2007 murder of knox roommate. the lawyers on appeals said that the guilty verdicts were errors of quote colossal proportions. this deis end amanda knox's legal saga. well, expect plenty of laughs this weekend in the box office as philadelphia's own kevin hart returns to the big screen for buddy comedy with the the the great will ferrell. >> kevin frazier has what is new in theaters. >> reporter: this week kevin hart tries to teach will ferrell how to survive prison in get hard and jim parsons and rihanna lead the star studded class on a story of a alien stranded on earth. >> i have made a few mistakes. >> oops. >> reporter: jim parsons and rihanna lead a stellar cast in the animated adventure home including steve martin and jennifer lopez. while rehand ace confident performer taking on voice over
5:57 pm
work was a whole new challenge. >> just a new experience, fairly unknown, and a whole new industry that i have so much respect for. so as a musician you want to do it justice. you don't just want to get the job because you are famous or whatever i wanted to really perform and have it be something that it is great work. >> what is happening to my body. >> it is going dancing. >> my life is ruin good after 30 days i'm going to prison. >> it is not as bad as i heard. >> hell yeah it is bad. >> reporter: will ferrell teams up with sketch hart to learn about prison life and he learned that what you see on screen from kevin is the real deal. >> well, if you know kevin he is high even why i all the time, he will show up 6:30 a.m. on set tired crew crew is tired three-quarters of the way through the shoot the the dog days of the movie,
5:58 pm
people plugging things in barely half awake. let's go. everybody ready. >> i show up, i'm all about energy man. >> this is exactly what i did. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, back to you in the studio good we all need that even why i, that is great. when you want to know is what happening in hollywood you can catch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 this little girl found wondering the the streets at 3:00 in the morning tonight what she says she was doing and how an alert septa bus driver saved her from danger. plus... >> unaudible. >> tonight we're hearing for the first time from the son of the fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the the third, see the the outpouring of love for this little boy, and his reaction. kate? and it has been a chilly friday, cloud eventually gave way to sunshine but will get
5:59 pm
even colder as we head in the weekend. i'll tell you if more seasonal temperatures return next week. and, new construction about to get underway at six flags great adventure but this attraction is not about amusements, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. now, at 6:00 a port richmond neighborhood on edge, a young woman raped and robbed while walking home from the gym. her allege attackers are 14 and 16 years old. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. those two suspects are behind bars tonight in connection with what is a vicious attack. it happened late last night a lock the 3900 block of richmond street. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers today talk with the mother of a suspect and he joins us now live from the special victims unit, matt? >> chris and jessica, police
6:00 pm
tell thaws were it not the for family of the victim intervening on her behalf last night this situation could have been that much more worse. victim was talking on her cell phone and screamed in the line when two suspects attack. she had just left the gym and headed home to the 3900 block of richmond avenue when the 14 and 16 years old teens assaulted and raped her using a gun and saying that they would kill her and her family if she didn't comply. >> what are the parents doing, you know and it is sad that it comes down to this. >> reporter: person on the phone the with the victim had called her family and they went looking for her. they spotted the two teens and the the victim shortly after the attack, the the suspect lead helping her somewhere else at gunpoint. the pair scattered and was arrested soon after, identified later by their allege victim. the the attack has neighbors uneasy. >> try to walk in crowd drive, in the walk, best i can tell you. there is not much you can do. >> reporter: "eyewitness


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